SPA Hotel Gloria - welcome
Rooms, SPA procedures, swimming pool, SPA facility, unique stay.

Rooms, SPA procedures, swimming pool, SPA facility, unique stay.

SPA Hotel Gloria *** Przemyśl

is a facility that offers the highest standard of services.

We invite you to visit the city of Przemyśl, near the Bieszczady Mountains. It is an ideal place for year-round relaxation.

Especially for you, we will take care of comfortable accommodation and a good night's sleep.

We also invite you to our hotel.

The occupancy rate at the Gloria Hotel SPA is an undisputed fact;). Therefore, delaying the reservation is not recommended;).

As the only hotel in Przemyśl, we have our own swimming pool and SPA.

SPA Hotel Gloria Przemyśl took the 1st place in the Best Hotel Award 2015 competition in Poland - 1st place in the "For a wedding" category and 5th place in the "Hotels up to 3 *" category:

The room price includes a large number of services:

  • breakfast - Swedish buffet with coffee machine
  • dinner - Swedish buffet
  • entry to the SPA zone: swimming pool, paddling pool for children, Finnish sauna, steam sauna, (on certain days) Russian bath
  • monitored parking
  • wi-fi
  • TV

Wedding in Przemyśl, birthday, special events? Or maybe just a stay at the Gloria Przemyśl Hotel with breakfast, dinner, SPA zone, swimming pool and saunas included in the price? We are happy to provide you with an unforgettable experience. With a passion for harmony.

We offer 49 rooms, including:

  • Standard rooms for 3 people
  • 4-person apartments - one with jacuzzi


  • monitored parking
  • storage of sports equipment (skis, accessories)
  • indoor recreational pool with hydro massages and water jets
  • SPA as a department based on cosmetics from renowned companies: Thalgo and Bielenda

We invite you to the most beautiful gifts from the SPA department.

Check-in at the Gloria Przemyśl hotel - from until 11:00

Call us, ask about today's stay.

Reception desk

tel. +48 791177706

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Hotel bundle at SPA Department
Choose your favourite budle and visit us

Choose your favourite budle and visit us

Time for rest and hotel packages at SPA Hotel Gloria


These are our most popular treatments at SPA Hotel Gloria Przemyśl.


Click here to check.


Bundle contains several important elements that make up a harmonious whole:


- stay in the selected type of room

- SPA treatments

- breakfast included in the price of the stay

- dinner included in the price of the stay

- monitored parking

- promotional price (services selected separately - would be more expensive)


Worth booking now. Allotment is being reduced with each passing moment.

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SPA Hotel Gloria - fanpage posts
See our recents posts from fanpage

See our recents posts from fanpage

SPA Hotel Gloria - fanpage posts





Dział SPA gwarantuje doskonały prezent na Mikołajki - voucher podarunkowy. 

Zapewniamy, że radość z dawania, zwłaszcza prezentów, to sposób na okazanie szacunku i przywiązania.

Sprawdźcie poniższy link i przekonajcie się:



























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SPA Hotel Gloria - nearby regions
SPA Hotel Gloria - nearby regions recommended forconsideration to visit. We encourage you to explore Przemyśl.

SPA Hotel Gloria - nearby regions recommended forconsideration to visit. We encourage you to explore Przemyśl.


there are numerous historic tenement houses, charming streets, churches and monasteries.



a medieval castle surrounded by a beautiful park. We recommend the Przemyśl Fortress.

It is a 45 km long range of several dozen forts around Przemyśl and within the city limits.

SPA Hotel Gloria - located near the Bieszczady Mountains,

Przemyśl IS A PLACE

with a unique microclimate. The attraction of the summer season is canoeing on the mountain river - San.

Pilgrimages of the faithful are very popular.


Places of Religious Worship

These include: Kalwaria Pacławska, or the Orthodox Monastery with an old, Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God.



We provide transport in Przemyśl and its vicinity thanks to Super Radio Taxi. Taking care of your comfort, we can, at the Guests' request, order a taxi. We will be pleased to invite you to our doorstep. There is one thing to remember at Hotel Gloria Przemyśl - hospitality comes first.


In the Hotel Gloria Przemyśl

our facility, Hotel Gloria Przemyśl, is a great place to visit the surroundings of this city. About two kilometers away, driving along Aleja Solidarnności, you can see Galeria Sanowa. Undoubtedly, it is an important point to visit for people who are going shopping. Driving in the opposite direction from Hotel Gloria Przemyśl, crossing the tracks, you will find Castorama, Biedronka, Pepco, Media Expert and many other sales points.

During the winter season, we recommend visiting the Przemyśl ski slope (Subject to availability. Please check if the slope is open on a desired day). Just 10 minutes away is enough to see how proficient we are in skiing :). On site you can rent equipment, arrange a ride with an instructor. For those who are familiar - there is a descent on a more sloping surface. Fortunately, for beginners there are also some slight slopes :).

After an intense drive - we invite you for warming drinks at SPA Hotel Gloria Przemyśl! For children, we offer tea, coffee, juices, and for adults - a choice of colors! Starting with cold, hot drinks and ending with alcoholic products. Everyone will find something for themselves in our restaurant, just look for it.

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SPA Hotel Gloria - our accommodation facilities
Our accommodation facilites, please choose sutable one.

Our accommodation facilites, please choose sutable one.

Nasze obiekty noclegowe 

Hotel Korczowa ***


SPA Hotel Gloria Hotel Korczowa wesele


A beautiful facility,

able to fit over 600 people in its rooms. Undoubtedly, we have the largest event rooms in the region.

Put into service in 2019. They were created on the basis of conclusions drawn from the operation of Hotel Gloria Przemyśl and Hotel Mirage.

It meets the most important criteria - comfort during your stay, proven service.

The bistro bar is open 24 hours a day. Understanding the specifics of the long lines at the border, it was a necessary decision to go out in front of our guests. We provide warm, home-made meals and drinks at an extremely attractive price.

The hotel is surrounded by a nearby forest. A beautiful path with intriguing open-air vegetation. For your young people who want to make a photo session - it's hard to find a better place. At the lake, you can catch some fresh air for your lungs, but most of all - relax.

tel. 570 557 600

Hotel Mirage ***

Our first accommodation facility. Established even before SPA Hotel Gloria Przemyśl

Hotel Mirage is located next to the main road leading to Lviv. It has 70 rooms, SPA facility, restaurant, conference hall. Surrounded by a beatiful woods. We recommend this place as a starting point for the tourists to reach Lviv with ease. 

Zapewniamy obsługę doświadczonego personelu, który z pewnością pomoże należycie odpocząć w Hotel Mirage.

Hotel Mirage Lwów Sądowa Wisznia


Motel Panorama

Motel ideal for a stay before reaching Korczowa/Krakovets border.

This accommodation facility is known for is correlation price/quality.


tel. 793 557 600

Motel Panorama tani nocleg Korczowa


We encourage to contact us

We will do our best to satisfy your needs, so please contact us. Your joy for staying with us is essential:)

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