1. How long is a hotel day? What time is breakfast and dinner served?

The hotel day is from 14.00 PM to 11.00 AM.

We serve breakfast from 7.00 AM to 10.00 AM.

Dinners are served from 18.00 PM to 21.30 PM.

2. Are there kettles in the rooms?

The kettle is in the back of the reception area, you can heat the water there if needed.

3. I am interested in the offer for organized groups, for a wedding or other event. Who should I contact?

tel. 602 527 300 to arrange an appointment, tel. 602 527 200 to arrange all details related to the event.

4. How can I find you?

Please check the map by clicking here.

5. How can I book a stay in your hotel?

We recommend direct contact with the reception, tel. 791177706, rezerwacja@hotelgloria.pl. We will advise you which room can meet your expectations.

6. I am interested in additional services related to the wedding in Przemyśl, but I am confused. Can anyone tell me how to approach the topic of wedding organization?

Please contact us by phone: 602 527 200.

7. Does the hotel have Regulations?

Yes, please click here.

8. I am going to go outside Przemyśl. What other facilities do you have?

Hotel Korczowa *** in Korczowa, a perfect place to stay, ideal for events such as weddings, proms, birthdays. Please click here to view the page.

Hotel Mirage *** in the village of Sądowa Vishnia in Ukraine, on the main road to Lviv. The facility is especially recommended for tourists who want to discover interesting places in Ukraine. Link to the page, please click here.

Panorama Motel - Korczowa, for guests looking for a cheap but comfortable stay. The restaurant is located in a quiet place, on the main road leading to Wielkie Oczy and Lubaczów. Only a few kilometers are enough to get to the border crossing Korczowa - Krakowiec. Please click here to view the property's homepage.

9. Is the SPA Hotel Gloria *** reception desk open 24/7?


10. I have a question about the stay offer. I find a vague point that I want to establish. Who can explain it?

Any unclear issues, if any, regarding the stay of an individual, will be explained and interpreted by the hotel reception.

11. I have a dog, a cat. Can I visit the hotel with my pet?

Yes. We charge an additional fee for staying with an animal in the room. The animal's guardian is responsible for any damage and cleaning up of waste.

12. Can the hotel reception provide information about the SPA department, treatments?

The hotel reception can provide basic information about the SPA department, e.g. opening hours, access to the swimming pool for hotel guests (who are staying), but detailed issues regarding SPA treatments, swimming pool / saunas - please contact the SPA department, tel. 509 831 148, spa@hotelgloria.pl

13. What time is the SPA department open?

On working days (Monday-Friday) - from 12.00 AM to 23.00 PM

Saturday and Sunday - from 9.00 AM to 23.00 PM

14. I made an online booking with email confirmation, but reception says no rooms available. What's next?

There are exceptional situations when the availability of rooms at intermediaries does not correspond to the real possibilities of allotment in the facility. Overbooking is mainly due to technical issues. It is enough for the intermediary to make an error in the sending of data, and then there may be an excess of bookings compared to the actual supply of rooms, i.e. overbooking. In case of doubt - the reception desk as the department responsible for reading the availability data - decides whether the so-called overbooking has taken place. If a prepayment has been made and we have booked the funds used to pay for the stay, which turned out to be overbooking - we will refund the payment.


15. I made a payment to a virtual card. Why can't the hotel see the deposit?

The explanation is simple - if the guest pays the broker through a payment gateway, eg PayPal - his funds go to a virtual card. The virtual card is a dedicated payment tool issued by an intermediary (including Booking.com, Agoda). Only when the hotel takes the funds from the virtual card, further billing issues are settled with the hotel. If the hotel representatives have not withdrawn the funds from the virtual card, any questions related to the settlement of the booked online booking should be directed to the agent with whom they paid for the stay.


Diagram for the virtual card:

The guest pays the intermediary through the payment gateway ---> The intermediary (e.g. Booking.com) generates a virtual card ---> The hotel, if all conditions agree with the booking confirmation, will take the funds from the virtual card.


Please also note that if you transfer funds to a virtual card, you will see the broker's company details, not the hotel details, in your bank statement.


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